“Lasting Results…”

I would like to send a big shout out to Jonathan Berens for helping me with my physical pain last week! You are a lifesaver and truly have a gift for helping others! For any of my friends out there who are experiencing pain or discomfort, give myofascial release a try! Instead of some of the quick fixes that are available, MFR has lasting results! Thanks Jonathan!

-Marni Ferster

“In Motion MFR Is Life-Changing…”

“See Jonathan Berens and give MFR a chance to change your life. I endured chronic pain that prevented me from participating in sports. After one visit with Jonathan I had immediate relief and started training again at 60 yrs old. Subsequent visits for neck and right hand “carpal tunnel” were also successful. Mr Berens is thorough, medically knowledgeable and intuitive. Physical therapy, massage therapy and medication did not get me active again, myofascial release in the hands of an exceptional practitioner did!

-Susan Vogel

I’ve worked with many practitioners, Jonathan is the best!

I was so excited to find a myofascial release practitioner in Billings. Jonathan Berens is very knowledgeable of the body and how it works. He is also very intuitive in helping the body release whatever may be stuck in the fascia, physically, emotionally and mentally. I have worked with many practitioners, including physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and energy healers, none of which helped me as much as Jonathan. I am very grateful to have found such an exceptional facilitator that has helped me to heal body issues I have had for a very long time.

-Joan Goodnough

I have had back pain all of my adult life. This has hindered my ability to do sports and has limited my participation in Montana’s wonderful outdoor recreation opportunities. I had a minor back surgery during my teenage years that removed some pain but didn’t address the problem. I continued to hurt my back over the years, and at times it left me immobile for months. Chiropractors thought I had problems with my spine, surgeons thought I had problems with my discs, and physical therapists thought I had problems with my muscles. These were all symptoms of a much different problem that no one could identify. It literally felt like my body was holding onto something incorrectly and needed to let go but was continuously frustrated with limited medical solutions. I learned about myofascial release and saw some results from people who understood the basics of myofascial release. I found that Jonathan was an expert regarding this area of medicine and I scheduled my first appointment with him right away. After an explanation of my issues, he went to work. He found parts of my back, hips, neck and legs that were extremely tight and worked to relax them. He knew where to release tension without me telling him, and sometimes this resulted in the emotional release I had held onto through parts of my body. At my last appointment, we discussed my problems and he identified that my hips were tilted up. After an hour on the table, I left with them in a more natural position. Since that appointment, I have had no back and hip pain. I can lift my leg fully without pain shooting in my back, something I have dealt with for nearly 15 years. Jonathan did some exceptional work that allowed me to stop my body from holding onto years of tension. If you have been searching for a solution to the problem, instead of the symptom, schedule an appointment with Jonathan.

Jonathan Berens has done a tremendous job of helping my injured 4-year-old American Quarter Horse, Twenty X Profits (aka: Wencil) to heal from assorted suffered traumas. This colt was kicked in the hind right semimembranosus muscle resulting in a seratoma that grew to near basketball size while under the supposedly care of a veterinarian, but he never healed properly.

The initial treatment proved promising. Jonathan continued to work on the colt most Saturdays and oftentimes Sundays as well. Soon, the chronic sweating was gone. The colt’s diaphragm and shoulders returned to normal and his disposition was now friendly.

Jonathan also found the colt suffered from PTSD, a gift from poor training techniques. Just a couple of months ago, while Berens was working on the untethered colt in a side-hill pasture, Wencil suddenly dropped to the ground and began moaning as if crying. He rolled over up hill. The colt had never rolled over since the seratoma. Wencil assumed a position as if he were tied three-legged and had fallen down. (Three-legging is a training technique sometimes used on difficult colts.) His right hind leg seemed to slowly kick at his belly and we wondered if he were colicing. He laid with his neck stretched, head on the ground, “crying” while the leg continued the slow kicking motion. He dropped two more times that day, rolling and moaning. We realized later he was unwinding from the earlier abuse he had suffered.

Jonathan Berens has also worked on my other barrel racing horses and the releases and results are nothing short of miraculous. It’s wonderful to be aware of the deep healing qualities MFR can present to the equine animal. I am forever grateful to Jonathan and I am certain Wencil and my other horses are, too!

-Alyce Hager

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