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There’s one reason why In Motion MFR has become the go-to rehabilitation practice for acute and chronic pain, the only practitioner who offers both Myofascial and Neurokenetic therapies in the state of Montana and surrounding states.

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At In Motion MFR, Jonathan strives to provide clients with the most effective and healing techniques available. In his practice, he focuses on giving patients the benefits of his honed power of healing touch, while carefully listening to patients to receive important feedback that facilitates healing and positive change.

Additionally, when you make your appointment, we’ll kick off the healing process with a few important questions, to see where you are currently as well as to prepare you for the “In Motion MFR” process and what to expect for the upcoming appointments.

Please note that office hours are by appointment only. However, we understand that there is no way to predict the urgent health matters life may throw your way, so we make time in our schedule to accommodate same day and urgent appointments.

Please call before coming in, and set a realistic time so that you can make it on time. When requesting an appointment for an urgent matter, you should CALL or TEXT the office. DO NOT EMAIL us for same-day appointments as we cannot guarantee you a timely response.

We will always do our best to accommodate our patients.

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Testimonials From Patients

“Jonathan At In Motion MFR Is Life Changing…”

From the moment I walked through the door at In Motion MFR, Jonathan Berens has been SO helpful! From helping me schedule my initial appointments to answering any questions I had about my treatment, they always knew exactly what to say, and how to help.

“My Wife Is Finally Feeling Better, And She’s Happier Than Ever…”

My wife and I seemingly have traveled from city to city in search of someone who could help with her chronic pain. Luckily, the last stop we had to make was in Billings, MT where Jonathan Berens at In Motion MFR provided the perfect treatment for my wife. She couldn’t be happier and has recommended Jonathan Berens to all her friends!